ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce ecosystem partner 2023 - Brazil

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With 30 years in the market , BRQ Digital Solutions has established itself as a leader and one of the largest Digital Transformation companies in the country. Its purpose is to accelerate businesses with intelligence and technology.


It materializes clients' strategies into high-impact digital solutions to solve various challenges, which may be related to Growth, Experience, Efficiency or other Criticities that prevent them from reaching their full potential for transformation.


It supports more than 150 companies in eight countries, in all the challenges of their transformation journeys. Its 3,000 employees passionate about technology work in Anywhere Office in more than 350 cities in Brazil and the USA.


Watch our video and see how we can help you surf the best waves in Digital Transformation.

understanding each quadrant

multicloud implementation & integration services for large enterprises líder

This quadrant includes providers of implementation services for Salesforce applications and their integration with other major standard software solutions.


“Wide range of services: BRQ presents all types of services needed by companies interested in implementing Salesforce clouds.”

implementation services for core clouds midmarket líder

This quadrant evaluates providers that specialize in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Communicty Cloud. These products are bradly considered as the core clouds of Salesforce.


"BRQ has developed complete capacity to plan and design the best implementation strategy, as well as to analyze the real state of the client's environment, in addition to defining and designing the best interface for users."

managed application services for midmarket líder

This quadrant focuses on the capability of providers to offer managed services for maintenance and support functions that include monitorning, remote support, centralized management of Salesforce applications, data quality management, data security and compliance-related aspects.


"Even before starting the managed services, BRQ finalizes the implementation phase with support for the use of the application."

managed application services for large entreprises rising star

This quadrant evaluates providers with the capability to offer managed services for maintenance and support functions that include monitoring, report support, centralized management of salesforce applications, data quality management, data securit and compliance-related aspects.


"BRQ offers a wide range of services that make up the offer of managed services on the Salesforce platform."

Leader for the 2nd consecutive year in salesforce

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